What is it, How does it Work?

Flash is a technology that helps to play online movies and lessons. When you click a link to open up a lesson - the HDCO Learning Centre first checks your browser to see if you have a compatible version of Flash available. If so, it will user the version of Flash on your computer to launch the lesson. To get the best performance , it is important the you have the latest version of Flash available for your browser.

What About iPads and iPhones?

Some operating systems such as those found on iPads and iPhones do not allow Flash to be loaded on their systems. No Problem! In that case, The Learning Centre will load the lesson using an HTML5 player - so for these systems, you don't need Flash. Your browser, must however, be capable of using the HTML5 player

Check it Out

To determine what version of Flash, if any you have on your system, click on the button below:

Check My Version of Flash