Frequently Asked Questions

Hockey Canada has compiled a universal Return to Hockey document that outlines safety guidelines to ensure that all participants are prepared to return as quickly and safely as possible. Click on the link to access pertinent information and download the Return to Hockey Covid-19 Response/Safety Guidelines. Continue to visit your affiliated governing hockey association’s website for updated information regarding Covid-19 protocols.  


HTCP Level 1 certification is mandatory for all new team trainers.  The minimum age in which a participant can be certified as a trainer in the HTCP is 16 years of age. Certification is based on 100% completion of the online HTCP.  There is no eqivalency for this course. 
Current Eligibility:  This course is available to participants whose HTCP certification expires April 1st of the current year or beyond. If your HTCP Level 1 certification expired prior to this date, you are not eligible and will be unable to register for the online refresher course.  If you are unsure of your status and/or expiry date, you can contact your affiliated Branch/Association office for further assistance.  NOTE: Effective November 1st of each year, the eligibility period changes to April 1st of the following year (next applicable expiry period). 

OPTION 1:  "I am taking this course for hockey"  Choose this option if you are currently (or plan to be) involved with a minor hockey team, club, league or association that requires you to obtain your HTCP Certification.  You will then be prompted to select a Minor Hockey Association from a drop down list in the enrollment process.  Upon successful completion of the course and exam, your HTCP qualifications will automatically be uploaded to your eHockey profile in the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) and you will be able to generate a Certificate of Completion from the Learning Centre.
OPTION 2: "I am not taking this course for hockey"  Choose this option if you are involved with a non-hockey sport that recognizes this program or you would just like to take this course for other reasons.  Upon successful completion of the course and exam, you will be able to generate a Certificate of Completion from the Learning Centre.
Yes. Level 2 participants that are deemed eligible may participate in the refresher course and upon successful completion receive HTCP Level 1 certification. Same eligibility requirements as Level 1 Refresher applies. Eligibility: This course is currently available to those whose certification expires April 1st of the current year or beyond.  It is recommended that you contact your affiliated Branch/Division to verify their respective requalification requirements prior to completing this course. NOTE: Effective November 1st of each year, the eligibility period changes to April 1st of the following year (next applicable expiry period).
If your HTCP certification has lapsed, you will be required to successfully complete a full Level 1 program.
No. You will need to purchase and enroll in a new course. You can review the lessons in a previously taken course however in order to obtain and/or renew your certification status you are required complete a new course and pass a new exam. NOTE: To order a new course, you must first Log in (using the original email provided when you previously enrolled). Once you are signed in select Order Courses in the top menu to proceed.
No. The Learning Centre uses your email address to uniquely identify you. if you want to register for a course, you must register using a different email address. If you do not have one, you can get a free one such as Gmail or HotMail.
No.  For login purposes you must continue to use your original email address as our system recognizes this as a unique identifier. However, you can change your forwarding email address by logging in and opening My Account and updating your email so any future notifications will be directed to this email.  

The refresher course should be completed by your HTCP expiry date, HOWEVER, each Branch/Division may at their discretion extend the period of recertification not to exceed October 31st (of the applicable year of expiry).   For example, if your certification expires in 2021, you will have to complete the course by October 31, 2021.  It is recommended that you contact your affiliated Branch/Division office to verify their respective requalification requirements prior to completing this course. 
Certification is valid for a period of three (3) hockey seasons from the date of completion. The universal expiration date for Level 1 and Level 1 Refresher certification is August 31. For example, if you completed the course in 2020 the date of expiration will be August 31, 2023.
If you cannot locate your affiliated minor hockey association or league, select the affiliated hockey Branch or Association, for example the GTHL, OMHA, OWHA, etc.  A list of Branches and Associations can be found in the FAQs.
Upon successful completion of the HTCP Level 1 or Level 1 Refresher eLearning course and exam, you will be able to generate a printable Certificate of Completion from the Learning Centre. Your qualifications will automatically be uploaded to the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR). IMPORTANT NOTE: *HCR qualifications pertain to registrants that are affiliated with an Ontario hockey association/league/team sanctioned by Hockey Canada.
If you are a new trainer, HTCP Level 1 certification is mandatory or if your HTCP certification has lapsed you must also recertify. If you are currently HTCP certified and have First Aid certification or recognized medical/para-medical credentials, you may be eligible to upgrade to Level 2.  NOTE:  In all circumstances, Level 2 status is only granted once you have successfully completed the Level 1 program. For more information on HTCP Level 2 certification, please go to Level 2 Trainers        
No.  HTCP identification numbers have been discontinued and are no longer issued.  If you are affiliated with a Minor Hockey Association that is recognized by Hockey Canada then record of your online certification will automatically be sent over to the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) and your HTCP qualification recorded to your individual eHockey profile.   Note:  The number that appears on your HTCP e-Learning Certificate of Completion is not an HTCP or HCR number however this certificate number may be recognized as verification of your certification.  For further information, contact your affiliated governing Branch/Association office.
These are the governing bodies of amateur hockey in Ontario.  Each Branch/Association is responsible for the approval of all affiliated minor hockey team officials registering under their jurisdiction and in accordance with Hockey Canada.  They consist of:
> Alliance Hockey (AH)
> Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL)
> Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA)
> Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA)
> Ontario Women's Hockey Association (OWHA) > Female Hockey
> Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO)/Hockey Eastern Ontario Minor (HEOM) Formerly known as ODHA/ODMHA
> Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO)
> Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) > Ontario Provincial Junior Hockey
> Ontario Hockey League (OHL) > Major Junior A

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All "Ontario" minor hockey associations, leagues and teams sanctioned by Hockey Canada are affiliated with the above.  

When you register for the HTCP Level 1 online refresher course, our system searches the national Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) database by your name and date of birth to see if there is an existing profile and then verifies your HTCP certification status (last recorded expiry date) to verify eligibility. If our system is unable to verify this information, it could be due to the following reasons: First name or surname doesn't match (spelling error or proper name, for example Ron or Ronald); Date of birth doesn't match (month/day transposed or date is incorrect); HTCP Certification status (expiry date) is not eligible; Profile not set up in the HCR; or Duplicate Profiles (more than one profile exists in the HCR database). If your record cannot be verified, please contact your affiliated hockey Branch or Association for further assistance. They will be able to check the HCR database to verify the appropriate information. A list of affiliated Branch/Association contact personnel can be found in the FAQs section.

Typically it take about 3 hours for the Level 1 refresher and 6 hours for the full Level 1 to go through the online course, excluding any quizzes and/or re-studying that may choose to do.  You do not have to complete the entire course in one session, it can be completed at your own pace. You exit the course at any time and resume your lesson where you left off or review any previously completed lessons. 

No.  These are not included in the HTCP course and can be taken through eHockey.  However, there is a Bullying, Harassment and Abuse lesson component that is included in the HTCP which is a condensed version derived from the Respect in Sport (Speak Out) program.  This module discusses specific topics related to the hockey trainer, however, it is not a substitute for the Respect in Sport (Speak Out) program course.  Please contact your affiliated Branch/Division for Respect in Sport and Gender Identity and Expression course information. 
Contact your affiliated Branch/Association office. 

Yes.  Once you have registered for your course, you may log in and out as many times as you wish from any computer.  Your progress is monitored and saved.  Go to "Log in" at the top right hand side of the Home page menu. Sign in using the email you provided when you registered and password. Select the applicable course to continue or review previously completed lesson modules. If you are accessing the program from another device, log in using the email address that you provided during the registration process.  

No. When you log out, your progress is recorded so that when you log in again, you can pick up where you left off by selecting the Resume lesson option. 
Yes. You will be able to select "Download Course Manual" from the My Courses window upon completion of the registration and course selection process.  The course manual contains the same lesson content and consists of the complete HTCP Level 1 Participant's Manual in use for the current season and is available as a PDF file. There will also be an option to download various resource materials during the online lessons. 
Yes, the following operating systems are supported: Windows: Internet Explorer 8 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Safari 3 and later Linux: Firefox 1.x and later Mac: Safari 3 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Google Chrome Mobile Safari in Apple iOS 5.0 and later on iPad. We do not support devices using the Android operating system at this point.
Select the Forget Password on the login screen. This will generate a temporary password, which will be emailed to you at the email address from your original registration profile. Note: After 3 login attempts you will automatically be locked out and Forget Password will not work until the system administrator unlocks your account.  To contact the system administrator select Help > Contact Us to send an email or by phone at 416-426-7252 or 1-888-843-4326.  If you have changed your email (original email is no longer active), please contact the system administrator.  Tip: If you continue to receive a password error message you may need to delete saved Password from your browser (select Tools).
Both the Level 1 and Level 1 Refresher examination consists of 35 true or false questions that pertain to the HTCP Level 1 content in use for the current season. For participants taking the Level 1 Refresher course, it is recommended that you download and review the HTCP Level 1 Participant's Manual (Course Materials) as some questions relate to topics not included in the Level 1 Refresher modules. There is a 30 minute time limit to complete the exam. A 75% passing mark is required for certification.
If you have any questions regarding your HTCP certification or would like to speak to a Branch/Association representative regarding regulations, policies and procedures pertaining to the HTCP and/or the role of the hockey trainer within their jurisdiction,  please contact:

ALLIANCE - Jill White

GTHL - Brian Kyla-Lassila
416-636-6845 ext. 236

NOHA - Jason Marchand

OMHA - Mark Krawczyk

HEO - Jeff Baker

OWHA - Pat Nicholls

HNO - Jim Fetter
807-623-1542 ext. 3