Supported Devices and Internet Browsers


  • Chrome (Mac, Windows, iOS)
  • Safari (Mac and iOS only, as the Windows version is being abandoned)
  • Firefox (Mac, Windows)
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera (Mac, Windows)
  • Microsoft Edge

Not Supported

  • Browsers on the Android Platform
  • Internet Explorer less than Version 9
  • iPhone
  • Opera less than Version 17
  • iPad using Safari Mobile Browser

Below are links to the current versions to most major browsers on the market today. All of these browsers are free. Please click on a link below to download a browser that is compatible with this site:

Change - It's the only Constant

Things are rapidly changing in the world of elearning - especially on mobile devices where major changes to browsers and support are changing weekly.  As we develop new functionality, users may experience display problems or other unpredictable behavior while using an unsupported browser.  For these reasons, we recommend users upgrade their browser or download a supported browser to avoid any potential disruptions.  If you don't see your device or browser supported here now, check back again regularly to see if upgrades have been made so that it becomes supported.