HTCP - Level 1 Refresher

The HTCP Level I Refresher Course is comprised of 9 learning modules and reviews the principles of injury and risk management. Topics include:

Emergency Action PlanInjury Management Principles
Injury Recognition and Management
Spinal Injuries and Concussions
Injuries and Illness
Removing Players from Action
Nutrition and Hydration
Performance-Enhancing Substances
Individuals with Disabilities

Course Overview:
The refresher course utilizes the re-qualification modules of the HTCP Level 1 content in use for the current season and requires the participant to successfully complete a final examination before certification is granted.

Guidelines & Considerations:
  This course is available to participants renewing their HTCP certification and whose certification is expiring in 2022.  If your HTCP certification expired prior to this date, you do not qualify.    NOTE:  Eligible course participants have until October 31st of the current eligibility period to register and complete the course. Effective November 1st of each year, the eligibility period changes to the next applicable period.   Participants are required to complete each module in its entirety.  Course Fee:  $7.50 + HST 

Re-certification: As a minimum standard, participants must re-qualify by successfully completing the Level 1 refresher program every 3 years.  Re-qualification standards will be determined by each HDCO member association. 
Universal Expiration Date: August 31/yr.
Online Examination requires 75% passing grade

Refund Policy:
All course fees are non-refundable.