HTCP - Level 1

The HTCP Level 1 consists of 17 course modules and is the introductory level of the program which introduces the participant to the principles of injury and risk management.   Topics include:
 Introduction            Emergency Action Plan
 Purpose of the Program Injury Management Principles
 Fair Play Injury Recognition and Management
 Risk Management  Spinal Injuries and Concussions
 Medical Information Files & Injury Reporting Injuries and Illness
 First Aid Kit Removing Players from Action - Co-ordinating Return to Play
 Bullying, Harassment and Abuse Special Topics: Nutrition and Hydration
 Protective Equipment and Hygiene Special Topics: Performance Enhancing  Substances

 Special Topics: Individuals with Disabilities
Course Overview:
The full HTCP Level 1 course utilizes the modules of the HTCP Level 1 content in use for the current season and requires the participant to successfully complete an exam before certification is granted.  Course Fee: $20.00 + HST.
Guidelines & Considerations:
This course is available to all participants.  HTCP Level 1 certification is mandatory for new team trainers.  Participants are required to complete each module it its entirely.  Minimum Age Requirement:  Must be 16 years of age to be certified in the HTCP.
Re-Certification:  As a minimum standard, participants must re-qualify by successfully completing the Level 1 refresher program every 3 years. Re-qualification standards will be determined by each HDCO member association.
Universal Expiration Date: August 31/yr.
Online Examination requires 75% passing grade
Refund Policy:
All course fees are non-refundable.